Tuesday, January 26, 2010

things I need in my life

more handmade chunky knits
(teach me to knit, anyone?)

less sweets

more of my bff
(it's been months since
we've had a proper hug)

less facebook
(why do I NEED to check it
 more than once a day again?)

more outside air
(so good for my bones,
so please warm up!)

less spending on groceries =
more smart budgeting

more justforfun fotos

less excuses

More Daily Bread


  1. youre so presh. I need more of all of these things too, especially bffs!!!

  2. i need me some laurie time!! love you girl!

  3. Can you please be my next door neighbor? We have so much in common it's ridiculous. I will teach you how to knit!! I love chunky knit scarves! I'm currently selling a few on etsy and I'm not marketing them very well-hence they haven't soldddddd. lol, but I still love them regardless. I might be okay with it if I got to keep them all. :)

  4. Here's more info on the race...

  5. Love all your neat postings! May I flatter you by imitating on my blog one of these days? Let's make a date for you to come over!


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