Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear Monday, Today, we continued our love/hate relationship. If there's one day a week I hate, it's you. But let's not talk about insanely busy deadlines at work and the constant hours spent trying to talk my brain out of weekend mode. If I could do a four-day work week, let's just say I'd rather work Friday than you. Sorry. You do give me good TV, so thank you for that. Cordially, LB

Dear Work, I am grateful to have you, but please slow down? You've been making me sweat the last few months. It's a good thing that even though the economy is slowing down, you're still booming, but I'm having trouble keeping up with you without working overtime, and so is my staff. Can we work something out? Please? With Burning Legs from Treading Water, LB

Dear House Season 5, After a long bout of drama with a certain half.com user who is no longer a user, we finally got you in the mail and can't wait to get caught up on the cliffhanger you delivered at the end of season 4. Intrigued, LB (and JT)

Dear Mustard Yellow, I think you are my favorite color right now. Thrilled, LB

Dear CBS and NBC, Tonight you rocked it big. Big Bang Theory was as funny as ever, it finally looks like I will finally Meet Their Mother soon, and NBC, you made an excellent choice to bring Chuck back on the air. That nerdy spy is the best thing since flip phones. Laughing for Hours, LB

Dear Body, You're getting a little too soft for my liking. I'm going to kick your butt into shape, so you might as well just work with me here. Forever Yours, LB 

Dear Longhorns, I haven't been able to write about you yet, but I'll be ready soon. I'm SO incredibly proud of you for the amount of fight you showed, even when your leader went down. Colt, I don't understand why you went out during the fifth play of the game after working so hard all year, but I'm so grateful for your leadership even when you couldn't play. Your postgame interview moved me to tears. I want to be like you when I grow up. G-Gilb, what we've decided to call you, the only thing that matters to us is the two touchdowns you led us to in a close, near comeback that I'm sure had Bama fans shaking in their grits and boiled peanuts. So excited for next season, LB

last, but definitely not least (more likely MOST):

Dear JT, This morning, you started my car for me. The interior of my car was nice and toasty by the time I got in, and the seat warmer was prime condition for my hiney. Love you more than the first time I put in a new mix tape and shuffle all of the songs in anticipation. "As long as we both shall live" has been fun, challenging, and an adventure so far! Enchanted, LB


  1. Dear LB,

    This is an adorable post! It makes me want to write a blog entry soon...I'll even try to put one up this week!

    Highly amused at your clever writing,

  2. I love that you followed though with this! Can I steal it? I love you!

  3. I like this format! And the letters are funny.


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