Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dear Riverside Trail, I'm so excited to take full advantage of you today since the temperature is decent. My feet have missed running and especially run dancing with their old friend. Please tell your neighbor, The Jenks Bridge, to expect me at sunset just like the old days, and our regular dates should resume soon. Pumped Up and Raring to Go, LB

Dear Wheat and Gluten, You have been my friends my entire life, founding the basis for all of my favorite foods. I am thinking of giving you up though, not for me, but for my poor digestive system. Even though I love cookies, fresh-baked bread, and nutty whole wheat pasta, I would love living a normal life even more, and it may be worth the sacrifice. If I can ever be brave enough to give up our friendship, maybe it will just be for a little while. Yours Forever (even if only in my heart), LB

Dear Legs, I know I haven't run on you in awhile, but please don't give up on me now when I am just getting started. Left leg, whatever kept me from running for months in 2009 is not going to sideline me one sunny day in 2010. I will not allow it. Toes, do you need new shoes? I will start saving up for them and be extra nice to you in the meantime. Capiche? LB

Dear Izze Soda, Thank you for being an acceptable substitute for the chemicals in Diet Dr. Pepper, but why do you have to have so many calories? You are so delicious and natural that I want to be best friends, but please understand we can only see each other on special occasions. Regretfully, LB

Dear Traffic Driver, Please don't let five cars turn right in front of you when the light is green. I can understand if the light is red and you have nowhere to go, to let one or two cars in during traffic, but when you barely make the light as it's turning red, it's not really fair to the cars behind you who have places to be. Spoken in Love, LB

Dear JT, Thank you for inspiring me to be better but loving me just as I am. You're the best. Forever and Always, LB


  1. I love reading your letters! They make me laugh! Even if no one is here I laugh out loud! You are so creative. Keep it coming!

  2. I'm running an indoor sprint tri in Tulsa. It's in Feb. You want to do it too????


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