Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not! Monday!

In honor of my dear friend, Sarah, who is a fantastic stylist, spent many Monday night hours talking to me on the first floor of the science building in college, has a beautiful baby boy, Oliver, and is expecting her second baby, BabyGirlThompson, next month, here is the return of Not Me! Monday, the blog carnival/brain child of MckMama. This is for you, Sarah, because I like you a lot and I know/hope/pray we'd be thisclose if I still lived in OKC.

First of all, it is NOT me, who is doing this post on a NOT Monday. Certainly I NEVER do things two days late, even if it's better late than never.

It wasn't me who came down with a parasitic skin condition for a few weeks in December, and when I went to minor emergency, I did NOT accidentally tell the nurse I was taking "Cialis, oops, I mean Lialda."

It wasn't my husband whose wife was so busy multitasking, he burst out laughing because he found her doing dishes with her pants around her ankles because she'd gotten sidetracked changing out of her work clothes and didn't want to waste time pulling up pants that were coming off anyway!

Certainly Tulsa is NOT experiencing the coldest winter maybe ever, and it has NOT turned my skin into dry, cracked, bleeding sandpaper. When I bend my fingers, they DON'T bleed no matter how much lotion I apply to them.

And my hair is NOT super fluffy because of the cold, either. I have NOT worn my hair in a ponytail for 09230923 days straight.

And whose dinner dishes are those piled up? An overflowing hot chocolate mug? NOT in my kitchen!

I would NEVER convince my boss to let us wear whatever we want just because it's going to be 12 degrees. NOT Me!

It's NOT my college football team that's playing for the national championship tomorrow, and I'm certainly NOT invested way in the sport way more than I should be! I'll be able to sleep tonight for sure!

(I am full of them today! That's what happens when I go months without doing one!)

My first cook fail of the year HASN'T already happened less than a week in. The words cook and fail do NOT belong in the same sentence in regard to my cuisine. And when I was telling the story to my husband's best friend, who is also our pastor, he did NOT say, "Oh, you mean the thai chicken soup?" and then slap his hand over his mouth because he'd gotten my husband in trouble. That's NOT how bad it was. (Note: in JT's defense, he said it was bad after I said it was bad, and told his friend it's the only time he can remember not liking something I made.)

Last, but NOT least, JT and I did NOT attempt to polish off this massive cinnamon roll. There has to be at least 4000 calories in it, so we'd NEVER jeopardize our health, energy, and waistline for the same of calories so trivial.

Thanks for playing!


  1. Holy cat fight! I want that cinnamon roll RIGHT NOW!

  2. Wahoo! Great post. I totally understand about the procrastination. It will get you every time. I appreciate the shoutout too! Oh, and I laughed out loud at the dishes one. BTW, I bet this very pregnant woman could eat that thing all by herself!

  3. looks like you are off to a great start this year! :)

  4. Oh I love it all!! :) By the way, you may not need this info but I found two great products that I love for dry skin. The first is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream found here:

    and the second is Aquaphor Healing Ointment which I used to use on my lips and everything else dry--and it works!!


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