Thursday, January 28, 2010


an oldie but a goodie from Summer 2005

Dear Michelle, So glad we've become closer friends and discovered so much in common. If we were next door neighbors, I sure would love being running partners, trading books, bringing you cookies I "accidentally" made too much of, and babysitting your (someday) kids so you and Jonathan can steal away for some alone time. You are one beautiful girl with an amazing heart. And isn't this picture I found just great?? Blessed by you, LB

Dear Snowpocalypse, So far you are just a cold and dreary day, but the weather man predicts that you could leave our world glowing white by tomorrow morning. Thank you for giving me the chance to have a great slumber party at my parents' house. You can stay a little while, but make sure you pave the way for a glorious spring, ok? With Shivering Timbers, LB

Dear 5K, I finally finished you in 30 minutes on the elliptical with high resistance, when I was trying really hard. Now I will be disappointed every single time I don't hit that time, but at least I've learned the secret to speed running (10-min miles are super fast for me! I am used to more like 12): listening to my dad's 70s and 80s power ballads. The Super Speed Demon, LB

Dear Tai Pei #44, It had been three years since I'd devoured the broccoli-beefy goodness I ate at least once a week in college. A perfect bite is dipping half of my egg roll in your perfect sauce. Even though I can't eat all of you like I used to, and I wasn't accustomed to eating that much salt in one sitting, you made my tummy smile and my taste buds sing just like you used to. Until Next Time, LB

Dear Coworkers, How are you so awesome? Have we really assembled the seemingly perfect team? Thank you for making coming to work so much fun. All of the baked goods I've been making you really can't express my gratitude for your hard work and how much you make me laugh. Glad to be your friend, LB

Dear Andrea, Thank you so so so so so so much for giving me The Pioneer Woman's cookbook for Christmas. That night after you left, JT sat awake for hours looking through the pages and bookmarking the once he wanted me to make. And the next morning, he couldn't wait to wake me up and show me his findings -- almost every recipe was bookmarked. Can I repay you by making your recipe of choice next time we do dinner? Still sleeping with it under my pillow, LB

Dear Sports Yoga Class, For my first yoga experience, they said I did pretty well. But do you know I am still sore three days later? I've never done a 45-minute push up or lunge before, but that's what it feels like I did. Even though you were a little weird for me, and I didn't know to say "Namaste" at the end, I might be back...maybe. If you're nice next time. Hurting so good, LB

Dear JT, This week, you brought me NY style pizza and emptied the dishwasher for me. Your random acts of service are humbling and inspire me to be a better wife. And do you really know how sexy you sound on the phone? So glad you are my Monday night TV partner for the rest of our lives. Bazinga, LB


  1. Lu,

    I'm LOVING "Letters by LB" - they each one make me smile!

    Thrilled you're devouring (yep, pun intended) the PW cookbook! I'd be honored to have a meal from there!

    And "Snopocalypse" neighbors have a generator and have 'graciously' opened their home if the power goes out. Um thanks but no thanks, I will find a way to make it to my parents or another friend's house. I already 'see' you for 40 hours a week...

  2. I used to be a 10 minute mile girl, now I'm more like 11 minute mile. No shame...I'm still working out.
    Happy to see you are still alive. Did you get lots of ice too? It's snowing today, and it looks so pretty.

  3. tai pei. i love that place. we go there. a lot.

  4. I was completely shocked and SMILED so big from your newest little post. WHY THANK YOU my dear LB. I truly believe God wouldn't allow us NOT to be neighbors someday. It's destiny. :)


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