Wednesday, September 2, 2009

silly LB

I just clicked "Sign Up" for a 6am Cardio & Strength Reformer/Tower Class Combination tomorrow. What was I thinking? This past week, I have barely been able to pull myself out of bed around 8 for work.

The website description reads:
A class that combines intense, muscle building through Progressive Pilates and non-impact cardio training on the REFORMER machines for 20 minutes and the duration of the class spent on the Tower, a variation of a portion of the Cadillac the Tower/Spring Board utilized in this class provides spring resistance coils for sculpting and resistance training. This class, taught by a trainer, is 45 minutes in length. If you want an intense workout, this class is for you!
Andrea Cherie, if I never make it to your house with dinner, you can tell the cops to look for my body at the foot of this Reformer Machine. I'll be the one in a pile of sweat and jello-y muscles on the floor, only faintly breathing.

Booty, you'd better thank me for this later!

::edit:: I have survived and made it to work by 7:30. Good news: I did not almost throw up this time. Bad news: I chose Starbucks perfect oatmeal over shower time this morning. A "spongebath" just had to do. I have my own office, so I can do that!

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  1. Good for you! I love that you chose food over shower. A girl after my own heart. I do that many times. :)


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