Wednesday, September 16, 2009

blast from the past

April 26, 2006 Xanga entry. I am finishing my junior year of college.

Hi Xang.

My day's not going so hot. I think the Unknown Evil Entity might be winning today... Let's see:

Ruff Ruff

+ This is the POWERWEEK list and everything I've accomplished this week. Yesterday, I was a machine.
+ My Edith Wharton/American Lit semester project got pushed back to Monday, so that was a major relief.
- My Grammar project is stressing me out. I have to diagram a Frost poem and present it in an attractive manner, but some of his sentences are just awful and complex.
- I didn't get the internship with The Oklahoman. In fact, I have no idea what to do for a summer job in Tulsa. Any ideas?
+/- My intramural basketball team lost our last game last night. Still, it was a lot of fun playing.
+/- They were passing out this free lotion-type stuff in the caf and apparently it had sunless tanner in it. My hands are a sight today:
Sunless tanner mishap
This picture doesn't do it justice. We're taking streaks, here. Luckily, my good friend Patrick and my hands are matching. See, he didn't know it had any bronzing agents in it and used it as regular hand lotion. I love him. He can sit next to me.
+ I actually got dressed this morning. I'm wearing a pretty spring floral skirt:
Pretty Spring skirt
+ I walked into American Lit class and jaws dropped. "It's true," I told them. I never wear skirts. Not even to church. I think that warrants another plus. My friend Robyn, who is by far the most fashionable person I know, gave me advice about my tanning predicament.
- The biggest thing that's bothering me today, I guess, is the fact that probably the most well-liked girl in our school doesn't seem to like me very much. My good friend Jessy did a phenomenal job speaking in chapel today and I was trying to catch her eye while standing in line for coffee. I guess this girl, who happens to be one of Jessy's good friends, thought I was staring because she kind of said, "HI LAURIE" like she was annoyed that I was staring. This may or may not be imagined, and it may or may not be because she happens to be dating the brother of the boy that I was "honest" with very recently. (I haven't really talked about that on here, but if you want to know how that went down, just ask me) Oh well. Not everyone's going to like me. I just wish people had good reasons.
Total: Laurie-4, Unknown Evil Entity-3
Yessssss! Close, but I am still winning!

* []_ *

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  1. What a cool idea for a post. I enjoyed your blast from the past. Good idea!


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