Wednesday, September 9, 2009

labor day weekend

Oh, the plans we make.

Our cell group came over to help JT with the fence, which meant the men slaved in the backyard and I got to hang out with the women and children.
My plan was to pick up Papa Murphy's pizza in a flash, and entertain the kids by teaching them how to bake cookies. Then 15 people ended up showing up, including Andrea Cherie's sweet husband, who helped JT in the yard all afternoon. So the womenfolk and kids went to the splash park while the men worked.

On a separate note, you know it's never good when minutes before guests are to arrive, husband says:

"I tracked in some mud from the yard...and some of it is cat poop."

Some of it turned in to most of it, but my floors were cleaned when our friends arrived. And though I had to run to the sink more than once because I was sure I was going to hurl from the smell, I was safe and sound.

We rewarded ourselves with a nice hot plate of homemade waffles

...and it exploded into every crevice of my George Foreman. Yes!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Jason didn't mention that a ton of people came to help too! Awsome!

    And I refuse to use my George Foreman for waffles. A product that does too many things usually doesn't do any one thing that great...except it is a wonderful GRILL, but not waffle maker.


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