Saturday, September 5, 2009

the most wonderful day of the year

Today is the most wonderful day of the year. See above. I do not get to see my team play today because television is an abomination, but I will be thinking of them and wearing my burnt orange all day. I am so excited!

I am marking the occasion by finally making the whole wheat pizza I've been dying to make for nearly a month...and also cleaning before we go watch JT's team (and everyone else in this state's team) play on my parents' TV.

(edit :: it's even better than it looks. find out at Undomestic Kitchen!)

Yesterday, I made friends with a nice gentleman in my office building elevator. I asked him if he was wearing his Cowboy Orange button-down for a special occasion tomorrow. Why yes, he said, and looked at my shirt, but it's not for Texas. Weagreed to cheer for each other's teams. Cowboys and Longhorns are allies except for Halloween this year when they play -- at least in sports, they are rivals.

Last night, I got new clothes: some tank tops, a nice purple fall sweater, pajama boxers JT picked out, and a uber feminine navy top from Gap. I am already getting more confident with my body, which means my bank account will suffer. I am not the type of girl who just goes out and spends money compulsively -- I probably spend $200-$300 a year on clothes typically, which is not so bad, I don't think.

But I am excited about the girl in the mirror who has been doing Pilates and will only keep feeling better about herself for her hard work!

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  1. The pizza looks great. Thanks for the alternative toppings. I'm going to try this ASAP.


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