Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Random Things in LB's Purse:

  1. A Panera bag containing JT's chocolate croissant I bought him while out to a fantastic lunch with Ornery's Wife. It already has a bite out of it. Hopefully he won't mind.
  2. 100-calorie Kettle Corn bag
  3. Target baby registry list
  4. The movie Ghost Town
  5. The book Julie and Julia.
  6. A small, awesome notebook
  7. About 20 pens
  8. Birth control
  9. Burt's Bees pomegranate chapstick
  10. Checkbook
  11. A $5 bill
  12. Toothpaste
  13. Camera
Out of my fabulous list from the other day, all I have accomplished is my bedtime book. You can see where my priorities lie. Realistically, if JT were gone, I would have spent time with my parents last night anyway. One of our favorite pastimes is watching sports, but particularly the Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, and especially the Texas Longhorns. We're just big fans like that. However, my dad has done something I bet he never thought he'd do: watch soccer with JT. Soccer is JT's sport. He played it at OU, in fact. I've just learned we've been invited to watch the US Soccer team in action tonight at their house as they have the channel and we do not. Meanwhile, my list of things to do ever grows:
  • Go to craft store for diaper cake materials (I already have diapers!) (Tonight)
  • Organize tupperware cabinet (Saturday)
  • Obtain new bedtime book (this book)
  • Teach myself how to use our expensive Canon 40D (Possibly on our vacation next week!)
  • New! Target trip for baby shower and wedding gifts (Tonight)
  • New! Haircut (Right before Wicked tomorrow!)
  • New! Deep clean house for below (Saturday)
  • New! Plan, prepare, and cook Sunday afternoon lunch for some friends who are moving
Looks like Saturday's going to be a busy day, but NOT until after I've spent some time with CK and kiddos at the splash park. I'm so excited about that!

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  1. How cool that you did a list of 13!! I had a wonderful time yesterday. I will certainly look for the chocolate croissant sometime. I'll also be checking out pomegranate Burt's Bees! Wow, that sounds yummy!


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