Saturday, July 25, 2009


Reasons I love my husband today:

He took me to see Wicked (it was amazing--more on that later)

He brought me my Bayton (baby blanket) while I was crying, watching a movie, feeling sick, and folding my laundry in the extra room. He didn't know what else to do. S0metimes girls just get that way. Bayton helped.

He danced to "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" with me for a little while in the kitchen. We all need a little dancing and silliness in our lives, let me tell you.

He's working so hard on several projects in our yard
to make our house pretty!

He makes love REAL and life AN ADVENTURE

He brings me something sweet when we're watching TV

He always eats my dinners and lets me have nights off from cooking -- A LOT

He smothers me in kisses and showers me with words of love.

He is incredibly handsome

PS: JT requested I clarify on my Thursday Thirteen Item (1) below. The chocolate croissant had a very big bite taken out of it. Maybe half-croissant-sized bite. LB was unavailable for comment and our calls were not immediately returned...


  1. The joy with which you live and love is infectious - I am so thrilled to know you, LT!

  2. hope you post pix of the lovely yard when he is done. :) Isn't love grand?

  3. This was a nice post. I hope to meet someone that makes me as happy as your husband makes you. :)

  4. Last time I drove by your house I thought the front yard was coming a long nicely! I see where it's going!


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