Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This is a summary of how my week did NOT go:

I did NOT slack off running all week because of rain, sickness, and working late. No, I would never find any excuse I could to skip something so healthy and rejuvenating for me. And when it came time for a 5K that was very important to me, I certainly would never be lazy enough to “sleep for five more minutes” and then wake up two and a half hours later. You know me; I would NEVER stay in bed longer than I needed to, and I certainly wouldn’t sleep through events of importance. (Sorry again, Chrissa!)

Since I was NOT lacking any sleep this weekend, my Sunday afternoon was NOT spent taking a three-hour nap. NOPE, I spent my time wisely, cleaning and spending time with my husband like a great wife. And I cooked a lot this week. I would NEVER let JT eat cereal and eggs multiple nights in a row!

Oh, and I would NEVER forget to take the trash out. When my husband asks me to do something, I always remember to do it, especially since rain = ants, and trash smells attract ants. I did NOT leave the trash in the laundry room this time, and JT did NOT have to mop up hundreds of ants while I had fun with my best friend.

I HAVEN’T been arriving to my office when my second alarm is normally going off and working my heart out all day. NOPE, I am perfectly on top of my tasks and the fact that three people have been out of the office, including my “assistant,” has NOT taken its toll on me one bit!

When I went to see an unnamed Matthew McConaughey flick this weekend, I certainly would NEVER loudly discuss the psychology of girl movies with my brother and best friend. I am sweet and NOT cynical to say the least when mean guys get the girl in the end. I would NEVER ruin a movie for someone else by destroying the nostalgia of a happy ending.

And my sweetness would NEVER be compromised on the road. So when three people sped up instead of letting me over, and I missed my exit, I prayed for them promptly and smiled as they passed.

I have NOT been obsessing over a diet. I DON’T go on diets because it’s not healthy to obsess over calories and pounds, especially after a lax week of exercising, because lax weeks of exercising DON’T happen to this girl. Instead, I ALWAYS watch my portions and eat balanced meals and save treats for rare occasions. I would NEVER eat ice cream three times in one week, even if it IS that time of the month. So I have NOT vowed to make myself oatmeal every morning and run this week, even if it rains. I am NOT feeling the little OCD feeling in the back of my throat; I have perfect self-control.

Most of all, I have NOT taken to reading mommy blogs in my free time. I am perfectly content having couple time with JT for a few more years and certainly DON’T feel the itch of baby fever creeping its cute, bald head at me. Every baby I see is NOT looking into my soul, I am NOT even a little jealous of my mommy friends, and I have full awareness that we need to wait a little while for God’s timing, NOT mine!

Well, there you have it. That's what I HAVEN'T been up to lately. You should play along. It's very liberating!


  1. i love these! i have NOT been slacking in the running department this week too! i definitely DID NOT eat two giant pieces of sheet cake yesterday!

  2. Skip running? NEVER. ok, except last night. But I'll totally make up for it tonight.

  3. I actually guffawed at the note about the driving and missing your exit. Oh no, I would neeeverrrr....


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