Monday, January 26, 2009


just wanted to thank everyone for their sweet comments on the below entry! you are near and dear to me!

We had a relatively subdued weekend and deserved it. I didn't clean my kitchen until around midnight Sunday night, and somewhere between scrubbing day-old starch from my colander and thinking about the phenomenal lobster bisque I had for lunch and other blog entries, I had a novel idea. (We're talking epic proportions that cause light bulbs to snap on with an audible "ping!" and women and children everywhere to shout things like "Hark!" and "Eureka!")

For most, ideas come in mental images, projections of possible scenarios. My idea came in a subtitle: "Humble pie and other recipes from the kitchens of a wannabe foodie." My best friend LJ and my husband JT both started blogs this week. While my attempts were futile to come up with suitable titles for their entry into blog infamy, this subtitle hit me like a ton of bricks. The title, though somewhat boring, followed suit. It could be a potential book title, for that matter.

I created this new blog tonight with no intention of actually maintaining it, but I may change my mind at a decent time of day. Many of my entries, after all, are about food. Just in this entry alone, I was going to mention the killer bisque and this cute make-and-take pizza chain called Papa Murphy's where they assemble a pizza based on your choosing and you take it home and bake it. They also have the best chocolate chip cookies! Maybe I could make Skark the narrator since he has a birds-eye view of the goings on in my kitchen.


In other news, JT and I renewed our promise to each other to make the most out of life. Despite all of the unknown variables out there -- jobs, money, kids, etc. -- we are not going to be one of those couples constantly waiting for the next step, plugged into a screen. We are going to be intentional about enjoying life and its many experiences and not missing any opportunities, particularly in ministry. I will let you know what that looks like. His blog is private, and that is a disservice to everyone else. Underneath those rugged eyes and killer dimples, JT is a deep and honest thinker. He is intellectual, curious, and has amazing ideas.


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