Saturday, January 17, 2009

random facts about LB

  • seriously considered going to Europe to study opera after high school.
  • am a moderate vegetable and fruit snob: I analyze each piece and pick the best ones and only buy produce from Reasor's.
  • just made a bluegrass station on Pandora. I blame it on Nickel Creek. What is happening to me!?!? I also really like Heart right now. Go figure.
  • absolutely love fleece and wish it was socially acceptable to wear fleece pants in every setting during the winter.
  • can write for hours given the inspiration of a minute's time in a bookstore or an airport.
  • my favorite flavor is marionberry; my least favorite flavor is clove.
  • even after all these years, I'm still deathly terrified of my three childhood fears: clowns, felt hand puppets, and claymation.
  • wish I had a weimaraner or a fox.
  • read lots of Star Wars books, can quote about 60% of the original trilogy (I'm a little rusty), and am pretty much obsessed with Chewbacca. JT says I fell in love with him because he's like Chewie: loyal and hairy!
  • my favorite characters are: Neville Longbottom, Chewbacca, Aurora, Angus, the Wicked Witch (Elphaba), and Chunk. I'm forgetting someone very obvious.
  • pretty much everything I own has a name: Boromir the Sony Vaio, Neville Longbottom III the digital camera, Xi-Xi the Xterra, Truffle Shuffle the iPod Shuffle.
  • want to name my kids Maya, Violet, Emery, and Conner right now. This changes bi-annually probably.
  • been an ulcerative colitis patient since 2001.
  • did musical theater, choir, softball, basketball, and praise and worship band in high school.
  • would play Anita from Westside Story or Eponine in Les Miserables if I could play anyone.
  • my mother was told dancing wasn't for me by the instructor of my first and only dance class I ever took.
  • mullets are insanely funny and fascinating to me.
  • The Food Network can entertain me for hours. Giada, Michael Symon, and Ellie Krieger are my favs! (and Paula, of course.)
Places LB Wants to Visit:
  • English countryside
  • Scottish highlands
  • Ireland - anywhere and everywhere
  • vineyards in Italy
  • Washington state
  • California - upstate where the redwoods grow, San Franciso, San Diego
  • back to Costa Rica
  • Greece
  • Greenville, South Carolina
Favorite Places LB Has Been:
  • Costa Rica
  • Hood River, Oregon (and Portland)
  • Hill Country/Lake Travis outside of Austin
  • Indianapolis
  • Alaska
  • Buffalo River, or pretty much anywhere with rich green woods and a running stream


  1. Hmmm. I like this post. A lot. I think I'm going to borrow it.

  2. Ooh, ooh, me too! (Seeing the redwood part of California) That's on my "Life To Do List"! We should plan a trip :-D

  3. pretty sure i want to go to same places!! some day maybe we can adventure together!!!! ;) love you!!

  4. The Food Network can entertain me for hours. Giada, Michael Symon, and Ellie Krieger are my favs! (and Paula, of course.)

    Yup me too! I just love everyone on that station, except the Barefoot lady. I think she's mean.

    I went to Portland this weekend. I LOVE that town.


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