Friday, September 12, 2008

only time

If I ever have time, here's what I have to tell you about:

1) My two interesting interviews for our open position at work.
2) What happens off the clock at my office, involving a doubting newspaper reporter and a man who has run out of gas.
3) My healthy habits, revamped.
4) The latest dinner (Greek-style stuffed peppers with pictures).
5) Politics
6) The latest books I am reading and products I have tried.
7) A tribute to my dear friend and domestic influence, Andrea at

Until then, this list will serve as my reference! Maybe I can catch up with my brain this weekend some time.


  1. Thanks for the advertisement of my blog! And what kind of car did you buy for a dollar??

  2. I totally understand the feeling "catch up with my brain." The new job is kicking my ass, but I love it.



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