Friday, September 26, 2008

busy bee

This weekend begins a slew of busy weekends from now until the end of the October. I will treasure my Sundays so much this month!

Tomorrow, I am throwing a dessert party "shower" for one of my bridesmaids in Oklahoma City, who is getting married on October 25th to her prince charming. I'm so excited for her. Tonight I will be baking homemade treats for the dessert party tomorrow, developing pictures from my wedding for the people I will see for the first time since then, and making a great road mix for my travels.

Next weekend, our church launches! ( We have put in a lot of hard work to make this happen and get the word out, so please pray that the right people in South County will hear the Good News.

October 10th and 11th, we will be in the Big D for the Texas Longhorns as they face the Oklahoma Sooners. This is a big game for me each year, not only because I am a huge Texas fan, but because I live in "enemy territory." This is my first time to go to a game and means even more since JT is a HUGE OU fan (He used to live in the stadium, even!) and our seats are in the middle of the Longhorns endzone. It will be interesting. Our first Texas/OU game last year was kind of impeded because JT was incredibly sick.

October 17-18, we will be camping along the beautiful Buffalo River in Arkansas. I'm so excited to go outdoors and have my first hardcore camping experience with two of my best friends in the whole wide world.

The weekend after, I will be in OKC to marry off my dear college friend! I'm so looking forward to her wedding and having another married friend.

And finally, JT and I have been commissioned to participate in a local statewide leadership convention. My brother is in student council at his high school, and each student is required a house a group of students from across the state. My parents will be in Austin watching the Longhorns beat Baylor, so we will take over their house and provide meals and transportation to who knows how many high school kids.

Tonight I am serving a very intricate recipe. I spent maybe two hours last night filling and folding wonton wrappers to make some delicious rigatoni tonight. All I have to do is boil and make the sauce, but I took pictures of the whole process as it was a very fun (and hopefully rewarding) art form. Those and pictures of my baked goods will be here soon!

Au revoire!


  1. Did you steal my title from the other day? ;)

    What a good wifey you are slaving in the kitchen over dinner... I took the easy way out tonight (well not really...haha!) but compared to your efforts!!

    love you friend!

  2. I cannot believe you get to go to THE game! That's awesome! HOOK 'EM! Miss you! :)

  3. I have been enjoying reading your blog--I am a neighbor of Andrea's parents and came here through her blog links. I am happy for you that your Longhorns won. We are pretty much for anyone who plays against OU, although I could get scalded and hung out to dry if anyone who knows me reads that!

    Actually, since Ornery and I met at ORU and they don't do football, and since we have never been "into" any sport that much, all the excitement surrounding these games is a little funny to us.

    I plan to be back to see what other tasty concoctions you come up with!


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