Saturday, September 13, 2008

official endorsements

Now that our internet and cable are safely set up, I can show you three products I officially endorse as helpful on one's quest to domesticity.

I singed olive oil to a pot last week and crisped up a batch of brown rice the other day, caking grease on my beloved Calphalon. I happened to have a bleach mixture on hand for the former, but I read about this product and commissioned JT to buy some at Lowe's to have on hand. I sprinkled a bit on the pot, covered it in water, and the grease scrubbed right off! I'm told it also works on other tricky substances on pretty much any surface because the product itself isn't abrasive.

Since pretty much all of my healthy recipes come from Elie Krieger or the EatingWell website, I decided to invest in this cookbook. The tagline is officially "150 Healthy in a Hurry Suppers" and that's exactly what I'm looking for! I found it in B&N for a pretty penny, so I investigated and found in on for cheap. So even though I haven't tried it, the recipes have proven delicious, easy healthy alternatives for a working gal and husband who want to stay fit!

On my birthday, JT took me to the mall and I bought some much-needed makeup from Dillard's. I am the kind of girl who only buys makeup once a year -- if that. I think I'm making up for high school, when I wore way too much black eyeliner and dark pink blush. It was bad. Anyway, the counterlady at Origins threw in a sample skin care package and I have been hooked on my tiny tin of white tea moisturizer ever since! I love the smell, the density, and the way it makes my skin feel. Plus, it helps me follow the advice of the 70-year-old woman on Oprah whom I initially believed was 40: Moisture, Moisturize, Moisturize! I don't know what I am going to do when it's gone. We'll see how much Origins charges for the actual-size container, because I'm pretty sure I can learn to love something cheaper that I can find for less than $5 at Reasor's.

If the web developers of those three products find my site in their daily marketing ventures, I accept cash, check, and free products!


  1. I got one of those free Origins sample things too! I asked for the "organic" set and the lady asked me, "Oh are you vegan?" no, organic does not equate with vegan. Organic means I care what they put in it. haha. I really like the lotion too...and was wondering how much a big thing is going to cost me if I get hooked! Ahh their plan all along!

  2. ohhhh defintely going to have to try ALL of those!! especially the origins cream! i wouldnt mind looking like im 40 when im 70!! FOR REAL! you! hope you are having a great weekend! ;)

  3. Well how are you? Thanks for your comment! I love your blog. You're hilarious. who is your employer? Perhaps I need two jobs!

  4. Everyone wears too much make up in HS. I think it's a rule. HA! I like Origins. I have some lotion from there and I love it.


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