Wednesday, October 22, 2008

to blog, or not to blog?

here is a list of things I need to blog about:

1) my trip to Dallas - Texas/OU game, baby!
2) So You Think You Can Dance tour
3) our camping trip this weekend
4) my grown-up Christmas list (two things so far!)
5) being a poser
6) my scrapbooking endeavors

Sevans' wedding is this weekend. I'm still trying to figure everything out with my schedule and I need to buy brown shoes this week. I think I might break my cardinal rule of comfort and buy heels because I know JT will love them.

I had coffee with the wonderful Laura Reese this week. We ended up talking for over two hours. I think we had been talking for about 30 or 45 minutes before we even ordered our drinks. Today I am grateful for Girl Time and friends in Tulsa!


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