Wednesday, October 8, 2008

adventures in cooking: fish edition

In the words of my friend OKChick, dinner last night was keeping it real. I had planned to use halibut last night, but when I went to the store, their shipment hadn't arrived yet. So I went back later in the evening and the butcher carefully laid this beautiful, white fluffy fish on the counter. And then told me it was $20 a pound. Sulking, I settled for tilapia and paid just over $6 for two fish.

When cooking, my grapefruit sauce stayed in liquid form instead of turning into jelly. Then my pan was too hot and my fish stuck to it when I tried to turn it over. I had to throw out my first batch of couscous and make another one.

But when life threw me lemons, I decided to make grapefruit seared tilapia. I poured the grapefruit-sugar-lemon "sauce" in the pan, which made my tilapia super tender and freed the fish from the bottom. The flavor seared into the tilapia that way, absorbed by the olive oil I'd marinated it with. I added chicken stock and green onions to my second batch of couscous and fluffed it with a fork. I highly recommend couscous as a substitute for rice and pasta. You can do lots of stuff with it!

There are no pictures of this recipe because it was devoured before I had the chance. We polished it off with a little red wine and went to sleep with smiles on our faces. JT even asked me to bring the pots to the table and scrape the scraps for him. That's pretty much the best compliment he can give my cooking! I will leave you with this beautiful picture of halibut fillet:


  1. I'm free any evening but Mondays (that's puppy class night!). Tuesdays would be neat because that's when Josh works at OU's free clinic. When would be good for you?

  2. I was quoted on your blog...that's so cool. :)

    I have never mastered cooking fish. I've only tried a handful of times but I just can't figure it out.Your recipe sounds great.

  3. I am not very adventurous when it comes to cooking fish. I just put it on a stone (Pampered Chef) put a little sea salt on it, drizzle some fresh squeezed lemon juice on top and sprinkle with dried dill weed. It is quite tasty. I have to tell you though, that despite the high price, the flavor of the halibut is outstanding, although at Miller Manor we actually prefer the Chilean Sea Bass when we spring for the high dollar stuff!

    Another grain you might try if you like couscous is quinoa. It seasons well with the savory herbs, and is also great as a breakfast cereal cooked with cinnamon or other sweet spices. Mmm.


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