Wednesday, June 23, 2010

top ten cities I want to visit (and why)

I have been reading this super cute blog, Cakes, Tea and Dreams, and I think I am going to steal the idea of a list a week from her, which she says she stole from somewhere else. She's been doing a list a week all of 2010, I believe, but we'll just have to start a little late here at The Marriage of an Undomestic.

For my debut list, I choose...

Top Ten Cities I Want to Visit (and why)
*means I've visited this place and loved it so much I want to go back!

Seattle, Washington
flying fish at pikes place market, great coffee, space needle, rain, beauty

Belfast, Ireland
green everywhere, authentic pubs, cobblestone streets, dramatic ocean cliffs

Portland, Oregon*
powell's bookstore, hood river, oneonta gorge, rheinlander and the neighborhood its in, good people

Charleston, South Carolina
plantations, Paula Deen, tybee island

Boston, MA
the green monster, the harbor, boston cream pie

Monteverde, Costa Rica*
cloud forest, canyoneering, great village, pizzeria de johnny  (best pizza ever)

Indianapolis, Indiana*
awesome metropolis

San Diego, California
great climate, running on the beach, the zoo

Austin, Texas*
great urban culture, lake travis, longhorn football

Greenville, South Carolina

When I visit a city, I want to get all of the "sight-seeing" done in the first day. For the majority of the vacation, and my favorite part, I love to do the city like the residents do. Eat at the hole-in-the-wall places, run on the beach, read in the parks, explore the roads less traveled.

Can you tell vacation is on my mind? 
Which cities do you want to visit?


  1. funny you should mention Portland. I have been looking at job postings and real estate there. Man I hate Oklahoma summers!!

  2. I adore Katie from Cakes, Tea and Dreams, too, and love the list feature.
    My cities-to-visit-list would include London, Moscow, Florence, Sevilla, Stockholm, San Francisco, Portland, New York and Washington D.C. But I'd love to travel almost everywhere.

  3. @Ornery's Wife - Portland is an amazing place. I've been there all seasons, and even with a foot of snow on the ground, it doesn't feel as miserable as Oklahoma! If you can get past the "different" way of life there, I'd say go for it!

    @Corrie - Great cities! I also want to visit London (so I can "do" the English countryside) and Florence!

  4. Great list of cities. I hope you make it to each one soon!!

    My list includes The Maldives, Tahiti, Moscow, Greece and Bristol.

  5. I'm so flattered that you stole my list feature. :) I've got a LONG list of cities to visit and revisit - which includes Portland, Seattle, most of Italy, Dublin, Provence (first-time visiting) and New York, D.C., Boston, London, Oxford, Paris, Rome and more (revisiting).

  6. I want to travel to these:
    1. Boston,MA --never been there and I feel it's a sin
    2. New York, NY--ditto Boston's reason
    3. Chicago, IL ---loved it. as in real true love.
    4. Barcelona, Spain
    5. London, England
    6. Paris, France
    7. Portland, OR
    8. Colorado Springs, CO--been there before but it's heaven.
    9. Aspen, CO
    10. Anchorage, AK --I miss it so much.

    I did NOT mean to write a top 10 list, but sometimes the thoughts just keep flowing. YOU SO know what I mean by that I'm sure! Love the post!

  7. @hopskip - Ooooh! Tahiti! That sounds like heaven! Thanks for the well-wishes. Hope you make it to yours, too :)

    @Katie - Provence and Oxford are on my lists, too! I'd also love to do the English countryside.

    @Michelle - I love CS so much! We stayed at Glen Eyrie after a wedding and woke up to Big Horn Sheep outside of our room. And Anchorage. It's #11. Loved the city and maintain that the brewery we ate at has the best salad of all time!

  8. You must visit Portland. I know you will love it! Austin is a fun city as well. Great food.

    I am itching to visit Seattle. I've never been but I hear it's a great city.

    I want to visit Savannah, b/c I want to meet Paula Deen and her sons.

    I believe I'm going to steal this idea for my blog. Thanks!

  9. You'll always have a place to stay in Portland! Come again soon!

  10. SOOO, did you go to one of these places and that's why you are MIA???

  11. Oh, you should TOTALLY come to Austin! It's so lovely here. But it's hot. Very hot. :)


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