Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Dear This PictureThe Pioneer Woman posted you on Twitter as one of her photo competition favorites, and I think you may be one of my favorites of all time. Thanks for the beauty, LB

Dear Memorial Day, I'm so glad you exist so we can celebrate and remember some very important people. And thank you for the chance for some alone time. Do you know how much I enjoyed a little one-on-one time with a sleeping pup, Harry Potter marathon, and my cooking show favs? Revitalized, LB

Dear Bootcamp Tulsa, Tomorrow I start you. After weeks of running by your sessions, Groupon made me an offer I couldn't resist. Make me a promise? Even if I ask you to go easy on me, don't. Capiche? LB

Dear Journey, Bon Jovi, & Bryan Adams, Can you tell me why I've been so obsessed with your sweet ballads lately? I mean, I know you were staples of my college mix tapes, but why the return to my think tank now? Whatever, you have the best love songs ever. Convinced I was born in the wrong decade, LB

Dear LOST, I am in Team LOST finale, but only just. And I like to call it Touched by a Desmond, but that's okay because he's my absolute favorite anyway. The flashbacks were priceless and your score was killer. I'll admit I watched you again On Demand by myself and let the tears flow. But let's pretend the last fifteen minutes never happened? LB

Dear Kitchen Mojo, I'm convinced you've finally returned! You were gone for a little while, but last night you returned with gumption and I'm so excited. Together, we made a delicious pumpkin plantain soup like the one from my honeymoon and prepped the lovely cranberry herb turkey burgers for tonight. No more frozen pizza for us, LB (PS: Were you hiding with Austin Powers' faja?)

Dear JT, Someone has a birthday next week. Someone may have some tricks up her sleeve for this very special occasion! Thank you for taking care of the pup this morning so I could sleep in. Since we've been married, I've been amazed at learning the way your brain thinks. How being thoughtful is almost automatic for you. Committed to learning more about you everyday, LB

(Letters inspired by Emily at Today's Letters)


  1. I liked this! I always enjoy your fun and creative posts...and P.S. I'm on Team LOST Finale too. I completely agree with you about the last 15 min.

  2. Keep us updated on the Bootcamp. You go girl!

  3. I was just telling Nessa about Groupon yesterday- and she told me about


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