Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

There's NO way it's that time again! Time for the blog carnival brainchild of MckMama -- the ultimate fesser upper and chance to blow off some steam, confess some sins, and bask in the humor, solidarity, and universal nature of imperfections.

To start things off, it's NOT me who is blogging from my new house. The internet/cable guy was NOT the first order of business once we moved in. There's NO way friends like Andrea and Jason could have rallied around us and shown so much support that they moved us into this house in one evening!

Certainly I would have commemorated our first dinner in our new house with a spectacular meal, right? I would NOT serve macaroni and chicken fingers. And I'd NEVER let the water boil over. I get along GREAT with electric stoves, you know.

When the plumber came this morning, I was NOT late meeting him because I got lost in my new neighborhood. Anyone who has been driving for almost ten years would be competent enough to follow directions, especially with Google Map for iPhone at her fingertips. And when I got there, I did NOT discover I'd left our garage door open. NOT me!

The first neighbor we met was NOT this little guy:

We're SO on top of things and have already brought our HUMAN neighbors pies and such to introduce ourselves.

And while we're on the subject of pets, I did NOT peer pressure JT into visiting the litter of lab puppies I mentioned in this post. We did NOT end up staying an hour playing with the puppies and becoming fast friends with their owners, whom I'd only met before through stalking her fabulous food blog. They did NOT graciously invite us to dinner at their house a few days later and there's NO way we actually drooled a little at the aroma wafting at us the second we stepped foot out of the car. After several hours spent talking in their backyard, there's NO way we could fool anyone into helping us move just days after meeting us! But if they did, those people would surely be awesome!

This is NOT my new puppy, Sampson. Certainly any sane girl would NOT let anything like falling in love with a puppy impede the big life transition she's already going through. NOT me, anyway! And even if he was coming to my home two weeks from Tuesday, I would NEVER be the kind of person to show pictures of him to everyone!

Photo by The Noshery

And there's NO way I find it hard to work with this little face in my thoughts all the time!


  1. I want a puppy? Oh wait, no I don't. Puppies poop, and I don't want to clean up their poop. :) But your puppy is super cute!!!

  2. Yay! You're all moved AND you're getting the cutest puppy. Congrats! So much good is going on. Thanks for sharing the joy.


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