Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the best laid schemes...

Last night I laid out my plan of attack for the GRE. Everyone I've talked to has emphasized studying hard and a lot, particularly geometry and vocabulary.

How I wish I'd taken this test fresh out of college; I had a geometry class my last semester.

My plan for now is to be consistent for eight weeks and then take it. I'll see how week 1 goes before I sign up for the exam.

Have any of you taken this beast? What advice would you give?


  1. Ah, that list reminds me of all the lists you would have around our dorm room! :-) I would ask John what he did for the test. He's always a good resource for anything nerdy! :-)

  2. Larv! How are you?? Love your blog! Good luck studying ! You can do it!


  3. lots of blue bell and magic shell. LOTS. xoxo ps, proud of you!


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