Friday, March 27, 2009

one of those weeks

I am determined to get back into regular blogging sooner or later. But for now, I will tell you all about my terrible, no-good, horrible week.

Friday: JT and I leave for a long weekend in Dallas. We miss an exit and get lost about an hour and a half out of our way. iPhone GPS confusion ensues on my part for another 40 miles or so.
Saturday & Sunday: We get lost even more.
Tuesday: I wake up with some kind of stomach bug, but go to work anyway to have a debriefing meeting. Once again, I receive deserved frustration, but somehow do not get fired.
Wednesday: Stomach is still out of sorts, but I can't really complain about much else. Oh yeah. We come home from my parents' house late at night to find kitchen ants.
Thursday: Still ailing from unknown sickness. Client comes from out of town to discuss a totally unrelated issue. Their version of "training" us means picking three press releases I have written, re-writing them and then reading both versions aloud and asking my boss, their boss, and all of the people who report to me which one they like better. Yes, everyone knows I have written the offending copy. Yes, if I only had to write three press releases, I might have time to enhance them accordingly. I don't mind and, in fact, welcome constructive criticism. Still not sure, however, if I'm a big fan of the way it was executed.
Friday: is going to be a better day.

Now for the good parts of this week:

Dallas - Even though we spent an entire tank of gas and over 100 miles of gas just being lost getting to and around the city, we had a lot of fun in Dallas when I wasn't thinking about work. We got to see and stay with my amazing friend Candace in her cute apartment. She showed us around Southlake, finally helped me pick out some haute clothing, and was a wonderful hostess who made us an amazing frittata our first morning. We also attended a book expo and JT got to see his man crush, Donald Miller. (I said hi to him.) Our famous author friends and premarital counselors, who are pretty much a big deal, took us for Cheesecake Factory (Yes, we fudged on Lent. Again. That's a different blog post!) and for a tour of Turtle Creek, a really nice part of Dallas. I also got to see my cousin for the first time in nine years, and he cooked us an amazing dinner at his super sweet house! Then we got to have brunch with my grandparents at their posh country club on our way out of town. Special bonus: we didn't get lost on our way home.

Body - I have lost five pounds not eating sugar and flour (99% of the time!) and being sick.

JT has been totally amazing and supportive this week. He has been understanding when I haven't cooked dinner at all this week. He is such a sweet husband and I'm so blessed to have him! Wednesday night, we went to my parents' house, watched LOST and American Idol, and RELAXED. Yeah, baby!

I think weeks like these are good wake up calls. I was telling a friend of mine today that being broken by God can be the best feeling in the whole world because it reminds you that feeling in itself is good. Anyway, I have been totally sustained and comforted this week by this song and it's my prayer right now:


  1. oh my word laurie!! im so sorry you had such a crappy week, but i am so glad that you were able to meet God and see Him working in you!! That post is such a blessing and so true, God is SO good, and HE will NEVER leave us! I am SO SO SO glad you guys were able to visit me, and I am SO glad and SO blessed God brought us together 5 and a half years ago!! i love you!! ;)

  2. Hey Lu~ man what a week! But great song! I think I may send it to Coll & Nessa. I just saw on Collin's sister's facebook that their dad went on to be with Jesus.

  3. SHUT UP! Donald Miller was in Dallas that weekend. I'm so mad I didn't go. I thought the book expo sounded fun! HUH I'm mad at myself.


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