Thursday, March 5, 2009

blessing? or curse?

This morning, I woke up, MADE BREAKFAST, and got in my car on time for work and then remembered: my car's running on fumes. Whoops. I am the type of girl who gets the most out of every tank of gas before filling up. Luckily, there's a QuikTrip just on the other side of our neighborhood and I could pick up one of their yummy sandwiches for lunch.

A few weeks ago, my bank sent me a new check card, saying my account may have been compromised. I put it off because my old card still worked until yesterday at lunch. So I activated my new card over the phone. "Your card has been activated," it said. No big deal. Well this morning, it wouldn't work. Twice.

So I didn't have enough gas to get to work and I didn't have money to get gas because my check card won't activate. I called the lady at the bank and she said she couldn't do anything unless she sent me a new card. Problem is: I already have a new card on the way to me under my married name. (Yes, almost a year later.) But she told me that that wouldn't work since it had my old card number on it, which confuses me because the new card they sent me has the exact same number?

So I am stuck working from home today, writing press releases with Ellie Krieger and the Food Network playing in the background, and I am about to use my lunch break for a nice long run in the beautiful sunshine!

A blessing in disguise? I think so!


  1. We had to deal with getting new check cards too...what a hassle, our new ones didn't come for a couple days after they shut off the compromised ones...that was irritating.

    Glad you got to work from home and enjoy this beautiful day!

  2. Ah, and what a lovely day it was! We got up early and walked for an hour, then got to spend the afternoon running wedding errands. I love Tulsa in the spring!


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