Saturday, November 29, 2008

the joys of technology

dad and I are watching the OU/OSU game alone at our respective houses. we were both too lazy to drive the 20 minutes to watch it together :) anyway, we are kind of watching it together, via text messages. yes, it's ridiculous!

LB: Yes!

DD: Go Pokes!

LB: Cowboys better shape up soon

DD: Yes game slipping away

LB: Glad Bradford didn't break his neck. But only a little bit :) (NOTE: TOTALLY KIDDING)

DD: Ou getting all the lucky breaks

LB: It's because We're not watching it together :)

DD: Still not over

LB: I know! I'm still hoping.

LB: Go for two?

DD: Yeah

LB: Who called it?

DD: Lada beta (His nickname for me)


DD: !

LB: !!

DD: On defense

LB: They stink!

LB: Oh well

DD: JT will be happy

LB: He sure will be

on a separate note, JT is watching the game at a friend's house. they waited until after his soccer game to watch it, so they're probably somewhere in the second quarter right now. he called me and my favorite baby friend was on the phone! I'm excited about seeing my favorite little one tomorrow!

also, I really want some white cheddar rice cakes!

1 comment:

  1. My parents went to the game.
    Sister #2 and I kept txting...

    Sister #2- Sooner

    We did that about 5 times.


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