Sunday, November 2, 2008

highlights from this weekend

I. two conversations:

1) JT and I were riding home from his soccer game. His window was down, my window was up. All of the sudden, we look at each other with looks of disgust on our faces:
JT: Do you smell that?
LB: Yeah, it smells like onions!
JT: (smells his shirt and looks up at me with a sheepish smile)
In his defense, it was one he grabbed from his soccer bag that had been stuffed inside all season.

2) Christian is my two-year-old baby friend from church. We're at a cookout at the town park after church. I went to go check on him because he was on the big kid playground and turned to leave.
Christian: Lolee, don't leeeeave!
We play for awhile and I slide on the big slides with him on my lap (this is just as much fun for me, mind you). When I notice JT signaling to go, I tell Christian that it's time for me to go home.
Christian: I want to go home with you. Do you have a bed?
LB: Yes?
Christian: At your house?
LB: I do!
Christian: Huh! (Note: I have never seen such sophistication from a two-year-old!)

II. one mini-date:
We went to Carabba's because we absolutely love their chicken soup and it's a pretty cheap date for two bowls of soup, free bread, and some wine. Since tonight was such a beautiful night, we decided to sit outside. Before we even got our water, a drunk couple sat next to us for their smoke and didn't leave until our bill had been paid. They were loud, smoked like chimneys, and thoughtfully included us in their conversation. Apparently, they were 52 and 54, from Indiana, and on their way to California, where an $18,000 rent house is theirs for a month. Oh, and they left their 200-lb rottweiler in the car with their pitbull -- they can't just trust their babies with anyone for a month!

III. one heartbreak:
My beloved, undefeated, #1 Longhorns were defeated in pretty much the worst way to lose: a close game clinched in the last few seconds. The other team literally scored the winning touchdown with :01 left. I am crushed, but my spirits are slowly lifting again. It doesn't help to see so many Oklahoma fans rejoicing all around me, including my husband! I don't know what they're so happy about; they have to play our defeaters in five days!


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