Friday, August 22, 2008

not-so-maiden voyage

Ahhh...the fresh feeling of a first blog.

I was going to call it my maiden voyage on uncharted territories, but maiden wouldn't be appropriate because I am exactly the opposite!

Well, JT and I have been married for 4 months and some change now. I intended to start this blog sooner, but life happens.

We have been incredibly busy adjusting to married life, working, and helping to start this church. Yeah, it's awesome. Every one we talked to told us to take it easy and enjoy our new marriage. Oh well. At least we see each other plenty.

Work has been super busy. I'm still a book publicist for a marketing firm in Tulsa. My drive to work is 35 minutes each way, so I bought this CD. Yes, I am learning French in my car and making the best out of my modest jog.

So, about this blog. I switched over from A Day at a Time because a) I'm married now, and b) I'm not Girl in Tulsa anymore (the blog domain). We actually live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a suburb of the city. The purpose of this blog is to show what happens in the life of a newlywed and how much patience one husband can show to a wife who will probably still be getting the hang of marriage forever.


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