Tuesday, August 26, 2008

good clean greens

Tonight I made pistachio-crusted tuna steaks with a homemade lime and dill cream sauce and "steamed" broccolini. My finished product didn't look as nice as this picture, but that's what it was. Some of my bread crumb mixture stuck to the pan when I flipped one of the steaks, and my entire stock pot of boiling water evaporated twice before my broccolini would steam, so they were a bit crunchier than I'd have liked, but my husband ate all of his helping and asking me to box up the rest for work tomorrow, so it was worth it! You can find this delish recipe here.

It's the simple things in life that keep JT and me happy, like finishing a jug of milk before it expires. We waste so much food since we're so busy. Cooking and shopping for two is a lot more difficult because you pretty much need to go by the store every evening on the way home from work to pick up the necessary ingredients, and if you get too many scallions, they are sure to wilt before you have the chance to use them in a different recipe.

This week's lifesaver, which I am not too prideful to use, is pre-mixed salad containers. Twice in the past two weeks have I picked up a container with mixed greens, a tube of dressing, and bags with croutons, nuts, berries, cheese, and everything else my salad needs. I recommend Organic Girl and their "good clean greens." I like that they are washed to the third power and that the leaves are perfect and crisp and green.

Last, but not least, cue shameless plug for my baby brother. Please vote for Mike as the Senior of the Week here.


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