Saturday, July 31, 2010

life update

If you guessed Number One on my two truths and a lie, you are correct! Though I've heard my mom's guacamole is boss, I can't stand it. I'm still trying to warm up to avocado because it's so good for you. My husband can't believe I'm half Mexican but don't like guac. Number two, I love Hyatt Place. The rooms are nice, the decorations are swank, and you can find one pretty much anywhere. Number three is also true. While lying next to the pool on my honeymoon, I tried to decline my chair a little more and lost my balance, pinching the first three fingers of my left hand in the chair with all of my weight on it. Luckily, the chair was wooden. I did NOT want to go to the hospital in a foreign country, so I opted not to get stitches and just rocked the scar.

For my life update, I really wish I knew anything about making videos, because I'd love to do a Glee-style update a la "Here's what you missed on GLEE!" But since I know NOTHING about editing videos, I am going to give you the condensed version. Let's start with my anniversary card, which I finally uploaded from my camera since April 19. Wow.

I drove up to our (old) house to find this sweet note on the driveway. It said, "Happy 2 - I love my wife!" As you will see below, we love nontraditional cards in our family. So spontaneous and fun.

In fact, for JT's birthday in June, I left his birthday card all over the house: 34 reasons I love him for his 34th birthday.

And the first US game of the World Cup was the day after, so I made his favorite sour cream chicken enchiladas, ordered some rice and tamales, and had some of his soccer friends over to watch the game.

For dessert, I made the amazing chocolate cherry cake, but since it was a bundt cake, the cake pan swallowed it. So I decided to make it a Chocolate Cherry Mountain, using my new favorite go-to dessert, cake mix cookies. I set out extra cherry cream cheese frosting for the cookies.

Obviously there's more that has gone on this summer: moving, my brother's graduation, LOTS of Sampson, a long weekend trip to El Paso where we saw JT's best friend and his family of soon-to-be SEVEN!

Right now, I'm enjoying vacation in Colorado (and taking LOTS of pictures) and am officially back from my little unintentional blogging hiatus!


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